Car Accident Law – Dangerous Roads

//Car Accident Law – Dangerous Roads

Car Accident Law – Dangerous Roads

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Dangerous Roads

To ensure the safety of its residents, Texas has an obligation to maintain proper roads and interstates. You may be entitled to a settlement if you have been involved in an accident caused by a dangerous and poorly designed road. Dangerous roads may not be a commonly noted cause of car accidents, but if you suspect that road conditions played a role in your accident, you could benefit from the services of a car accident attorney. More about Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio here

Are you concerned that dangerous roads played a role in your accident? Call us today and let us help you.

How Do Dangerous Roads Cause Accidents?

Dangerous roads may play a role in car accidents far more often than we realize. Some of the ways in which road conditions affect the ability to drive safely include:

Poorly marked lanes
Hidden stop signs or yield signs
Road design does not allow for proper drainage
Dangerous curves
Unmarked intersections
Highway construction that is poorly designated or that affects the ability to drive safely
Lanes that are too narrow

These conditions by themselves may not seem that dangerous. However, when a car traveling at high speeds hits a pothole, for example, the impact can cause the car to turn over which can cause serious injuries. This is just one example of the many potentially serious accidents that could result from poorly maintained or designed roads.

Dangerous, poorly designed roads may cause some of the following types of car accidents:

Rollover accidents
Accidental lane departure
Swerving and hitting a road sign or tree

From poor water run-off design to unfilled potholes, there are many possible car accident causes that a driver has no control over. Deteriorating roads are the responsibility of the state and the state may be held liable when people are injured. Unlike accidents caused by texting or speeding, it is difficult to know if dangerous roads caused your accident. Call an attorney as soon as possible to learn more about this.

A Strong Choice For Your Best Interests
Are you unsure regarding the specific cause of your accident? Were you driving safely at the time of the accident? It is possible that external factors outside of your control like dangerous roads in fact caused your accident.

A car accident attorney has the experience and knowledge that you need to pursue a monetary claim against the state. A case evaluation can reveal what factors played contributing roles in your accident and if you are eligible for financial compensation. If it can be proven that road conditions caused your accident, your attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the state of Texas.

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