Truck Accident Attorneys – The Importance of a Pain Management Expert’s Testimony

//Truck Accident Attorneys – The Importance of a Pain Management Expert’s Testimony

Truck Accident Attorneys – The Importance of a Pain Management Expert’s Testimony

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The Importance of a Pain Management Expert’s Testimony in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

The devastation caused by 18-wheelers when they collide with smaller vehicles is usually immense, with smaller passenger cars and trucks totaled and their occupants severely injured – sometimes even tragically killed. If you’ve suffered an injury in a semi-truck wreck, then the chances are strong that you’re dealing with a serious or even crippling injury that is causing you a great amount of pain.

At Our Law Office in Corpus Christi, we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to consult with a pain management expert for a couple of vital reasons. First, the torment created by a debilitating injury can be immense and affect you in ways you had never imagined both physically and mentally. Different doctors and nurses specialize in various aspects of pain management such as acute pain, chronic pain, neurology, medication and addiction, and psychology. Moreover, some pain management experts focus on assisting different age groups, with geriatric and pediatric pain management experts needed whenever a senior citizen or a child is coping with pain after an accident. Many of these experts have cutting-edge therapy techniques that are designed to assist with the management of discomfort and pain for specific injuries and for specific types of people.Truck accident attorneys

Second, as 18-wheeler accident attorneys who try to help injured Texans pursue compensation after they’ve been injured in big-rig wrecks, we also understand the legal importance of consulting with a pain management expert. After you’ve suffered an injury that is causing you lingering pain, you need to consult with a pain management expert who can document the severity of the pain you’re feeling and the emotional distress this pain is causing you, then later testify to the degree of pain in court if necessary. When you sue the party who caused your accident for damages, you have the right to seek compensation for the pain the injury causes you in addition to the monetary expense caused by treating the injury. However, you need to have a way of proving the severity of the pain you’re experiencing, and that is where the pain management expert comes into play.

How do you find a pain management expert you can trust to be fair, accurate, and convincing? That’s where we can help. Our lawyers have been litigating personal injury cases for more than two decades, and we’ve dealt with a vast array of different injuries during that time. In order to help our clients, we’ve turned to many different pain management experts over the years, gradually learning which specialists we can trust to handle different pain management issues specific to a given client. For example, if your 85-year-old grandmother is suffering severe neck and back pain after being in an accident with an 18-wheeler, then we’d want to bring in the geriatric chronic pain specialist we trust. On the other hand, if it’s your child who has been hurt, then we’ll direct you to one of the pediatric specialists with whom we regularly consult.truck accident lawyers

What we have learned about pain management experts is that while they do need to have impressive doctoral or nursing degrees, certifications from applicable governing bodies in their field like the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and years of experience, they also need to have a compelling personality and ability to communicate their expertise both convincingly and in a manner the jury can understand.

If you’d like to know how we can put you in touch with a pain management expert who can assist with the severe pain you’re experiencing following an 18-wheeler accident, then call Our Law Office today for a free consultation.

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